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Annual fleet statistics

The ministry has developed a comprehensive set of Transport Indicators, which also include information on the motor vehicle fleet. The indicators provide national and, where possible, regional data for robust and consistent performance monitoring of the New Zealand transport sector. 

The annual fleet statistics provide information on New Zealand’s motor vehicle fleet by using the Government’s motor vehicle register (MVR) as a key source. The information contained in this publication will continue to be updated and published annually.  

The ministry released an open data tool for the 2022 update of the annual fleet statistics reporting. Please note that the open data tool has been optimised for a desktop/laptop screen rather than mobile devices. 

The open data tool can be used for exploring a subset of the available open data. The tool enables the user to choose a data category and drill down to a particular summary table. The specific summaries can be explored via an interactive visualisation or downloaded as machine readable .csv. A download of the complete open data, which includes many other summaries than those presented in the app, is also made available through the app. All the plots are interactive, providing more information through hovering or clicking on plot elements, and can be downloaded.

Open Data Tool

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Vehicle type categorisation

Our models and datasets, except for crash analyses, classify road vehicles into 5 vehicle type categories.