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Eve sitting at table talking to other Ministry staff

Eve Tucker — Adviser, Resilience and Security

I started at the Ministry in 2019, and my first year was completely different to anything I could have imagined. My work has included participating in the transport sector responses to significant emergencies, including the Christchurch mosque attacks and the Whakaari-White Island eruption, and in 2020 we played a role in supporting the All of Government response to COVID-19.

When my team isn’t helping out with an emergency response, our work programme is extremely diverse. ‘Transport’ isn’t all cars and roads: I’ve had the opportunity to work on the Civil Aviation Bill, drones work, and maritime policy, among other areas. I love the wide range of projects I work on, especially as I can see how these will help make New Zealand a better place to live.

The Ministry is extremely supportive of my career development, and everyone here is willing to share their expertise. The Ministry has a culture of constructive feedback that means you grow in your role while still feeling your contributions have been valuable. This is a great place for people who are driven and want to see the work they do make a difference.

Jo sitting at table talking to other Ministry staff

Jo Pohatu Senior Adviser, Environment, Emissions and Adaptation

Knowing that eventually my work might lead to some meaningful social changes gets me up in the mornings.

I have worked for the Ministry for several years, and stayed because I have been given some great opportunities in areas that have both challenged and excited me. My managers give me autonomy to get on with my work and they know I will deliver what is needed, and help out when other things are required or have tight timeframes.

I really appreciate my manager understanding that occasionally I need some flexibility — this makes a huge difference and means that I do not stress about my work–home life balance.

The Ministry is the policy arm of New Zealand’s transport system. We support, and are supported by, a number of operational entities that deliver on the various policies we work on. It is a dynamic workplace that has a number of very talented people who are working on many challenging projects.

I enjoy the size of the Ministry, and the fact that you get to know a large number of your colleagues and know what various groups are working on. It feels like a whānau, in that people are supportive and it’s not too big so you don’t get lost among the masses.

Sandy talking while he walks down the corridor with other Ministry staff memberSandy Fong — Principal Adviser, Domain Strategy, Economics and Evaluation

Transport is an enabler, it provides access to what we need as a society and individuals. The universal nature of transport and how it touches on so many things really interests me and I think the Ministry of Transport is here to make a difference.

I’ve spent most of my career in the transport sector, starting in a research consultancy and gradually moving closer to government. My role here is about improving the collection and use of evidence (both data and research) across the transport sector so we are better informed when we make transport policy. It gets quite technical at times and that’s where a transport or research background is useful. There’s lots of engagement with decision-makers and stakeholders across the transport sector that makes the work really interesting and varied.

The Ministry is a good size — not too big and not too small. This means there are always opportunities to get involved in interesting work within the Ministry, across government, and in the transport sector, with enough capability to make a difference and reach into some quite detailed areas.

Jonathan standing at the entrance to the Ministry of Transport, two staff sit in the background

Jonathan Luo — Senior Adviser, Investment

This is my second stint at the Ministry of Transport. I first started as a graduate in 2014, and decided to return as I really enjoy the work culture and the people. The Ministry has a very high level of trust in its people, and there are always exciting and high-profile opportunities to work on if you’re willing to put your hand up.

As part of my work, I have had the opportunity to meet with a wide range of stakeholders and have a greater appreciation of the great work different people do in the transport sector. It is also a good feeling to know that your work will have a positive impact on everyday people. 

The Ministry is definitely one of the friendliest places I’ve ever worked at and the social committee organises really exciting events that bring people together to have a good time.

What I like most about the Ministry is its small size and how friendly and connected everyone is. For example, it is not uncommon to bump into members of the senior leadership team in the office and they will always greet you by name  ̶  not something you normally find in some of the larger ministries.